January 2013

January 2013

Hit the Reset Button!


There is no better time to hit the reset button for your business than at the beginning of a new year.  It’s your option to continue as before or to RESET with a new plan to enhance business and profits.   Make 2013 the year when you seriously look to learn what VB can do for you.  Read the endorsements.  Read the Featured Photographer stories in The Backgrounder.  Plan to attend a VB workshop with hands-on experience.  See why so many who attend the workshop are saying, “Gee, I didn’t really know VB was such a powerful tool.”  The VB workshop is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Contact us for registration.

VB Projections Screens for 2013

VB projection screens range in size from 4 x 6 to 10 x 12 feet.  Screens up to 9 x 8 are available in both portable and wall mount.  10 x 10 and 10 x 12 screens are available for wall mount only.  VB  offers a special trade up policy.  If a photographer begins with a small screen, they can trade up to a larger screen receiving 50% credit for their small screen toward the new larger screen PLUS, they keep the smaller screen which is ideal for portable on location work.

Hit the Save Money Button and
Consider Factory Refurbished Systems


VB has a wide range of demonstrator and previously owned equipment available for sale at substantial discounts.  Refurbished and demonstrator equipment makes it much easier for the photographer to have a complete system at a much reduced cost. 

All VB refurbished equipment comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, training programs, and technical support.  It also comes with a trade up policy.  If you purchase a refurbished system from us and would like to trade up within six months, you can take your full purchase price for the refurbished machine and apply it toward the new product. 

Think about the possibilities that come with using Virtual Backgrounds to catch the attention of your customer base.  Think also what you might do other than VB to grow your business in 2013?  Fact is, there isn’t anything else with the power of Virtual Backgrounds to enhance your studio business.  

Virtual Backgrounds Technology
is so very Different from Green Screen Technology


There are many things that make the Virtual Backgrounds process so much better than green screen.  One of the biggest differences is that with VB, you actually see both the subject and the background LIVE in the camera’s viewfinder at the same time.  It’s just like you’re there in the park, when instead you are in your studio controlling the lights and environment around you.  The creative VB photographer simultaneously combines the subject, the props, and the background into the perfectly composed image.

Time is money and using VB will save you time!  With VB, when the shutter is clicked, the image is done.  With green screen, when the shutter is tripped, the work of pasting in appropriate backgrounds has just begun.  If it takes three minutes to paste in a background and you take 30 shots, then it will take you 90 minutes to do with green screen what it would have taken you only moments to do with VB.

Green screen is cheap up front but expensive in time - very expensive!  Especially in small businesses:  Time is Money!  Photographers already are drowning in time spent on the computer.  This just isn’t the case with VB. 

Green screen requires a larger shooting area and great deal more studio space.  It requires more careful lighting to avoid a green edge.  Subjects cannot wear anything green or it will be replaced by background.  Unless used under perfect conditions, the subject’s hair looks choppy.  

Green screen is in the hands of amateurs which means that it’s not special anymore.  It’s not special at all.  VB is still magical because the public doesn’t know how it is done;  they just know that it works.  VB owners are holding one of the last truly professional tools in the industry. 

Consider the differences and take time now to really discover what VB can do for you!

Next VB Workshop
February 18-20, 2013

There is no better way to learn all about Virtual Backgrounds than to attend a VB three-day workshop in San Marcos, Texas.  It can be a career changing experience as you discover the magic of Virtual Backgrounds and all that VB can do for you. 

We’re so sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with the workshop that we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction.  If you do not feel the VB workshop is one of the very best workshops you ever attended, we’ll give you your registration fee back! 

Contact us for more information and to register your seat in the class.

Want to Learn More
about VB and
What it Can do for You?

Visit our website at www.virtualbackgrounds.net.  See for yourself how VB works.  Read the testimonials.  Browse the dozens of Featured Photographer stories.  Read the FAQ section to get answers to the most frequently asked questions.  

It’s all there for you.  All of the past editions of The Backgrounder are archived on the site. You can spend hours on our informative site to learn what VB can do for you.  Take a look for yourself.  You’ll be amazed and anxious to add Virtual Backgrounds to your studio and start reaping the benefits.  Make 2013 the year you discover what VB can do for you!

What’s in it for You?

It’s time once again to review the past and prognosticate about the new year and how one might chart their course for maximum success.  The fundamental question for many is this:  What can I do new and different to create serious new business and profit growth in 2013?

While many long established photographers continue to experience a major downturn in business, and while many newcomers don’t even know what it once was like or could be like to be a really successful professional photographer, the fact is, there are those who are thriving.  The key is identifying the difference between a thriving studio and a so-so operation and then applying that difference to one’s own business. 

This year holds a great deal of potential for those that clearly separate themselves from all others and deliver unique and highly desirable product.  The trick is knowing what to do.  A key factor that enables a photographer to be clearly different from all others is the proper implementation of Virtual Backgrounds technology.  Amateurs and most professionals do not have Virtual Backgrounds to help them produce clearly unique and varied products that the public will buy.


New Book Now Available

Online for Free!

How to Make Money with Virtual Backgrounds

This new book for the professional photographer spells out a wide variety of ways they can use VB to separate themselves from all others with exciting new products and services that generate significant new profits.  The new book reveals a wide range of ideas gathered from VB system owners that can form the basis for new revenue. 

What do you have to lose by taking a look? Nothing but a few minutes of time.  What if this new book could make a real difference in your business success?  There is only one way to find out.  Take a look.  There are so many possibilities. 

How To Make Money With Virtual Backgrounds is available on line and as a free down load.   Download the book here and start your way to a far more creative and profitable future in professional photography.

VB Line Up for 2013 

Virtual Backgrounds moves into 2013 with three different projectors, each with two options.  The product line up was designed to perform for a wide range of professional photographers looking to grow their business with the opportunity to get going for minimal cost. 

Top of the line for 2013 will be the VB Scene Machine. It is available in standard format as well as WideVue format.  The primary features of the VB Scene Machine is the remote control unit with digital read out of the power setting.  It is the only projector available with the remote control.  The power supply is manufactured by Photogenic. 

Middle of the line is the VB Optima.  It is identical to the VB Scene Machine except it has a different power supply with 9 LED bulbs for the modeling light.  Like the VB Scene Machine, it features a veneer gear driven mechanism for easily getting the camera into the correct alignment position.  It is available in standard or WideVue format. 

VB Express is the perfect machine for school, church, and event photography.  It is the most compact and least expensive projector we make which can be set up in minutes to produce outstanding images. The VB Express also comes in two versions, standard and WideVue.  The WideVue has a wider view than the standard version. 

Got questions?  We’ll help you choose the projector that is best for your particular needs and budget.  Learn more about our products here and then be sure to contact us totalk with a friendly VB Consultant today! 

How Much Does a

VB System Cost, Anyway?

Maybe a better way to put it is what does it cost if you don’t use Virtual Backgrounds?  A complete VB system is surprisingly inexpensive when you compare it against buying numerous backgrounds and sets or the cost of traveling to remote locations and setting up and returning.  However, remote locations are available to any amateur or professional.  Virtual Backgrounds is your own exclusive studio tool.  Only Virtual Backgrounds enables you to provide you client with a whole array of different backgrounds to enhance the variety of their portrait setting.  Only Virtual Backgrounds enables you to create images no amateur and most other professionals cannot do.  

A VB system is an investment because it will pay for itself many times over by helping you gather more customers and by increasing your average sale.  Remember that VB offers special financing.  Contact us for more information.

More Images from

Featured Photographer

Heather Landals

The December Backgrounder Featured Photographer was Heather Landals of Alberta Canada.  Heather has been using Virtual Backgrounds for just two years, and it has quickly become a major part of her daily operation.  Her customers love it.   Heather is completely self-taught and is only now thinking about coming to a VB workshop in Texas.  Keep up the great work, Heather!

See VB Up Close and Personal:

Upcoming Trade Show Schedule 

VB will be exhibiting our systems at the following trade shows and conventions.  Stop in, pay us a visit, and see what VB can do for you! 

Contact us to learn how easy it is to get into Virtual Backgrounds and start growing your business. We have a financing program unlike any other!

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  • Lemmy Ijioma

    I am in Nigeria and would like to be more informed and involved with the virtual background training.

  • Lemmy Ijioma

    I live in Nigeria but would like to be more involved with the virtual background. Lemmy

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