March 2013

March 2013

New Financing Program

Now it is possible to have the many advantages of using Virtual Backgrounds with a very low down payment and monthly payments equal to what you can expect to earn from  just one or two extra sessions per month!  It is part of a new cooperative arrangement between VB and United Financing LLP, a PPA approved company. 

VB is both a powerful creative and marketing tool.  VB can be the differentiating factor that brings you big business!  This financing plan makes it so easy for a photographer to get going with this powerful tool that is also fun to use.  Many VB system owners credit VB as a major component for their success. 

Contact VB for the details!

What’s the Difference between an Amateur and a Professional?

There once was a huge difference.  Amateurs took blurry, poorly exposed, poorly cropped, poorly conceived photos.  If you wanted a good photograph, people hired a professional.  Those days are long gone with the digital revolution. The public can now take great pictures even with their cell phone camera and they have access to just about every tool the professional once had exclusively – except for two.    

#1 - Amateurs don’t have a studio with professional lighting and props. 
#2 - Amateurs don’t have Virtual Backgrounds.  

Generally speaking, amateurs also don’t have the knowhow to produce really professional quality products.  At a time when many professionals are becoming more amateur like by abandoning their studios and shooting entirely on location, just like the amateurs do, there is more reason than ever to promote products that the amateurs can’t do.  The if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them attitude is absolutely the wrong way to go.  

It is critical for the photographer interested in having a serious business to concentrate on producing products others cannot do.  There really is no other choice.

Want to See More?  Watch and Learn! 

Let San Antonio Photographer, Rick Harding show you how he does school photography with VB.

Workshop Video

Play a Little Bit of Catch Up

If you didn’t get or read the January or February editions of The Backgrounder, you can do it now.  They contain a lot of important information including the Featured Photographer sections.  All past copies of The Backgrounder are located in the archive section of the VB web site.  You can also click here for the two latest editions: 

Read the January edition
Read the February edition

School Photography Boot Camp Announced

Looking for a segment of photography that is making money?  Consider school photography.  School photography is not something you can just start doing one day because you want to do it.  It is a business enterprise in its own right that requires training.  

Chris Wonder offers the best approach with his yearly BootCamp, sponsored in part by Marathon Press.  This year’s BootCamp will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from July 8 – 12, 2013.  If you have ever thought about school photography, now is the time to learn more about the five day BootCamp.  Call Marathon today at 800-228-0629 or visit  

New eBook Now Available: 

Learn How to Grow

Your Bottom Line with VB


Ever wonder how VB can really help you grow your business?  Here is the information you need and it’s available without charge.   

This new book discusses a wide variety of methods that enable the photographer to get new clients and increase sales averages - using methods that are simply not available to others.  It will show you how to put new wow in your marketing and in your products for maximum business growth.  And, it’s just plain fun to be able use VB, expand your creativity, and be clearly different from everyone else. 

It will cost you nothing to down load and you have so much to gain.  Take a look and decide for yourself.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Download our new eBook!

What is the Cost of a VB System?

Maybe a better way to put it is what does it cost if you don’t use Virtual Backgrounds?  A complete VB system is surprisingly inexpensive when you compare it against buying numerous backgrounds and sets or traveling to remote locations and setting up.  Only Virtual Backgrounds enables you to provide your client with a whole array of different backgrounds to enhance the variety of their portrait setting.  Only Virtual Backgrounds enables you to create images no amateur and most other professionals cannot do.   

Call today to learn how easy it is to get into Virtual Backgrounds and start growing your business.   We have great financing program with very little down.  A system can cost as little as less than $5000.   Refurbished systems can cost a whole lot less.   Furthermore, once you have a VB system, backgrounds cost essentially nothing, they can be changed in seconds, and there is no need for storage.   Contact us to get started on your new path to photography success!

New Quick Start Overview

See how Simple it is to

Set Up and Use a VB System!

Take just a few minutes to learn how simple it is to set up a VB system.  There is nothing else like it available today.  See for yourself!  Hosted by Trevon Baker, Master Photographer and VB Super User!

VB Speakers talk

Virtual Background Talk

Richard Sturdevant

Richard Sturdevant has  very quickly become one of the best known professional photographers in America today.  Virtual Backgrounds and BWC lab sponsored Richard for two presentations at SPI, one of which was a pre-show special event.   

Virtual Backgrounds is a key component of Richard’s studio for his daily portrait work.  Richard is most famous for his graphic design/abstract image creation which has brought him numerous awards and several front covers of Professional Photographer magazine.  Richard is the first and only photographer to ever score 100 points in each of four prints submitted for competition resulting in a perfect score of 400. 

Richard applies his special creativity to everything he does with Virtual Backgrounds.  It is a fundamental tool that is part of nearly everything he does in his studio.

Trevon Baker in Vancouver - To Cover VB and Other Methods to Grow Your Business 

Long time VB photographer, lecturer, and workshop leader,  Trevon Baker, will be a key speaker at the Professional Photographers of Canada convention to be held in Vancouver Canada in April. 

Cindy Cover  - Gives a Program to TPPA on Boudoir Photography 

Kentucky photographer, Cindy Cofer presented a program for the Texas Professional Photographers Convention on her boudoir work using Virtual Backgrounds.  Pictured here is Marian and Henry Oles of Virtual Backgrounds, program sponsors, Cindy Cofer receiving her merits, and Judy Dumas.

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