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The new background collections were specifically designed for photographers using the virtual backgrounds process who wish to produce quality studio portraiture that is in a class by itself and unlike what the pro-ams and other professional photographers are offering. Because most photographers today primarily offer completely candid location work, there is a huge opportunity for photographers to return to the basics of professional studio photography but with a contemporary flare.

The Simone style is clearly evident in each of these stunning backgrounds. Each of the backgrounds were photographed by the Simones and then individually digitally enhanced personally by Louise Simone and printed on a film recorder for maximum quality and saturation.

Because the Simone Collections are used with Virtual Backgrounds, each background can be easily manipulated by the photographer. The photographer can vary the proportional size of the background, the position of the background in relation to the subject, the focus of the background, the brightness, and even the overall color balance. Therefore, unlike a canvas or muslin background, any one projected background can be varied in just seconds in an infinite variety of ways.

These background collections are available for only $249.00.

Buy all 40 new Simone backgrounds for less than the cost of one premium canvas background!

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