December 2012

December 2012

Discover the Advantages of a YourLook Franchise

Can a franchise arrangement be in your future? This type of franchise breaks the mold and is a really smart move.  There are many advantages to being in a franchise relationship including being a name brand with a variety of special benefits.

Take a minute to meet Rainer Pflips, Managing Director of Your Look Photography, based in Germany.

The Power of Being Different - Are There Any Other Options?

As we end 2012, we all must ask ourselves where are we going in 2013. What can we do to grow our business? What will cause the public to come to us and then buy our product?

The answer is always the same. It boils down to one primary factor - being desirably different. If we are not clearly and distinctively different from other professionals and especially from the do-it-yourself (DIY) public, we won’t succeed.

Be different from top to bottom. DIY photographers don’t have studios or studio lights, and they wouldn’t know how to use them if they did.  They don’t know professional posing and they don’t have Virtual Backgrounds!  Get a studio, use your professional lighting and posing techniques, and master the professional art of Virtual Backgrounds.  You will be distinctively different.  You will stand above the DIY crowd.  You will be successful!

We suggest that you offer your clients three possibilities.

1. Location photography but with higher standards.

2. Studio photography using Virtual Backgrounds.

3. And, offer them a combination of 1 and 2, price it less than option 1 or 2 alone, and call it Premium Service.
Quickly provide your client with a variety of quality images that will blow your clients away. Show them what real professional photography can offer them. It’s a formula that works.

If you have a Virtual Backgrounds system, work on developing new ways to use it to create exciting new products. If you don’t have a VB machine, now is the time to get serious about taking a serious look at the possibilities.

You Lose Only if You Don’t Look

Are you ready to discover what Virtual Backgrounds can do for you? We conduct our special workshops to give professional photographers the opportunity to really learn about the concept and have a chance to put it to use so they can see for themselves what VB is really all about. You’ll be amazed when you explore the possibilities and what VB can do for your creativity and profits.

You will gain a great deal of knowledge and experience at our workshop; we guarantee it! If for any reason you are not thrilled with the experience of attending our workshop, we’ll refund 100% of your tuition.

So, make 2013 the year you explore the infinite possibilities that come with Virtual Backgrounds. Reserve now for the February 18-20 workshop.  Contact us today to reserve your space in the class!

Have it Your Way…

We occasionally here from a photographer who says they would buy a VB system but they don’t like our backgrounds. Obviously, they don’t really get it. They don’t understand that background possibilities are really infinite and totally in control of the photographer.  Although we offer more than 1,000 backgrounds of all types, we strongly encourage our owners to capture their own backgrounds.  This could be anything they want from anywhere.  They have their digital files turned in to slides for just a couple of dollars each!

Our VB owners have infinite possibilities for using materials other than slides. Many of our VB system owners concentrate on using things like pieces of plastic, shower door glass and even things like bubble wrap and toilet paper coupled with color gels and designer disks to make abstract backgrounds. You have to see it to believe it!  After seeing it your brain will start rocking with possibilities that are unique to you.

Because you have infinite control, you will love Virtual Backgrounds!  This is worth repeating:  Anything and everything can become a custom background.

Virtual Backgrounds will be closed from December 21 through January 7.  Season’s Greetings to you and your loved ones!

Lori Lens Features Virtual Backgrounds in Her Christmas Greeting to Clients

Virtual Backgrounds is so much a part of Lori Lens Photography that studio owner Lori DeRouen decided to feature her use of VB on her Christmas greeting card. All of the images on the card were taken with Virtual Backgrounds.

Featured Photographer:
Heather Landals, Alberta Canada

Thank you for calling. I’m fully booked for December.
Please call after January 7th for bookings.

While so many photographers are scrounging for customers, Heather Landals’ answer machine has been clearly telling customers that she can’t take any more sessions for Christmas. Heather has been in business at Best Kept Secrets Photography in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada for 13 years and her business continues to grow. She has been using her Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system for nearly two years.

Eighty percent of Heather’s work is now done with Virtual Backgrounds. She does not use it for high key white portraits. Being so far from Texas, Heather learned to use her Scene Machine entirely on her own using the instructional materials and talking with VB consultant, Christian Feigl. “I read the book; I played with the machine; I called for help with alignment; and everything is just fine!”

Heather first saw Virtual Backgrounds at the Professional Photographers of Canada trade show in Banff, Alberta. “Our weather is horrible. It snows every other day. You can’t work outside so much of the year, but I can work anytime. I knew that Joseph and Louise Simone had a VB system and I love the work they produced with it so I wanted one for my studio. I heard about a refurbished system being available at VB so I ordered it and haven’t looked back.

Heather continued, “The biggest thing about Virtual Backgrounds is the results. My customers love it because they get more than one background. When they come in and see only the black background screen they are skeptical but then they get excited when they see the backgrounds. They tell me they thought it was going to look fake but they are really surprised when they see how good it really looks. Very often they come back and buy even more images because they get so much variety.

“Virtual Backgrounds is a tool just like a camera or lights. What you do with it is up to the photographer. And you have to market it correctly. I shoot a lot of my own backgrounds with my digital camera and have them made into slides in New Mexico. This spring I want to do a whole series of new backgrounds all around town highlighting the special places where people like to go. “

Heather concluded by saying, “It seems to me that everybody and their dog are photographers today with their digital cameras. You have to explain why you are worth their money. I have to do for them what they cannot do for themselves.  That is a prime reason why I have Virtual Backgrounds.”


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    Nice VB

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    Thank you for the continuous motivation.
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    You make some valid points… You making me rethink what I was confident about… good job!

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