Sample Images

See for yourself the quality , creativity and profitability of a virtual background print. We offer a number of files of images created by various photographers who use virtual backgrounds. These are fairly large files. Feel free to download and print them on your own printer, keeping mind that image quality can be influenced by your printing equipment. Show these sample prints to your studio staff and to friends and customers. Get their opinion of what it would be like if you could produce variety like this right in your studio where you are in total control.

Keep in mind that these images may not be exactly your style of photography but virtual backgrounds is an infinite background system. It can produce any kind of background you might want, from solid black to solid white to anything in between including indoor and outdoor scenes, graphic designs, and even classic canvas backgrounds. Virtual Backgrounds is a method to bring “new magic” and new profits to your studio. Virtual Backgrounds is the ultimate product for the professional photographer.

*Note: To print each sample image, you must first unzip image file to access each image.

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