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Seung Hyu Baek

Bringing Portraiture in Korea to a New Level of Excellence

In the May 2007 issue of The Backgrounder, we introduced you to one of Korea's finest professional portrait photographers, Lee Sang Jun. In this issue, we would like to display the excellent work of Seung Hyu Baek, also from Korea. Both Mr. Lee and Mr. Baek have been using their Virtual Backgrounds systems for only a few months. They both received training at the January 2007 Virtual Backgrounds workshop in San Marcos, Texas, and they are both producing some of the best work that Virtual Backgrounds has seen.

In May, we told you about how before Virtual Backgrounds, photographers in Korea had to construct elegant new studio scenes once every few months costing them tens of thousands of dollars each time. Now, a simple transparent background slide and a few props are not only saving Korean photographers money, but they are also giving the photographers more variety!

Read below as Mr. Baek shares his experiences both before and since he has purchased his new Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system.

In His Own Words

I have been excited about Virtual Backgrounds for a very long time.  I also remembered that there was once a bad impression on such systems in the Korean market.  This was many years ago.  I chose the Virtual Backgrounds System to try to make highly creative works with it.  I anticipated that Virtual Backgrounds would get me a solution to the time constraints that I always faced in my studio business.

I gained more confidence and trust on Virtual Backgrounds after I had a chance to attend a workshop in San Marcos, Texas in January. 

“God helps those who help themselves.”  Chances come to everyone.  Only the people who have been preparing themselves can catch them.  I have been studying photography for many years and have sharpened my techniques as well as my intuitions.  When I met this new system, I knew this is the tool with which I could use for what I have been preparing.

The Virtual Backgrounds system can create three-dimensional looking images whereas existing conventional backgrounds are more flat and uninteresting.  I learned I could make my own transparency backgrounds and I began to work on proper lighting.  I feel like a dream has come true when I set up with a model and shoot with Virtual Backgrounds.

Photographers are those who create something from nothing, and Virtual Backgrounds is a tool to make the whole process more enthusiastic.  I feel like this system really fits me as I am the kind of person who does not like something normal.  I like the unique.

Sometime, this system came to me as a burden because it takes more time at the beginning to learn, but I believe “no pain, no gain.”  I know that my works with this system will surely make me happier than before. Every single image that has been made could be great materials for the classes I am teaching.

In the near future, I plan to open an exhibition with these Virtual Backgrounds works.  I am teaching, “Photo-therapy for middle-aged women.”  It will be more effectively done with my Virtual Backgrounds System.   Virtual Backgrounds will provide new concepts for portraits to other Korean photographers.  I am creating more of my own backgrounds reflecting the Korean culture.

I have met many middle aged women and other students studying in my classes and all of them say the work of mine using Virtual Backgrounds are the most unique and creative.  I believe more photographers must look for Virtual Backgrounds as people will get more interested in the creative works rather than all boring, monotone works.

Click here to see more of Mr. Baek's photographs taken with the Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds Image Enhancement System.

Click here to see more of Mr. Baek's photographs taken with the Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds Image Enhancement System.

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