Lee Sang Jun
One of Korea's Finest Portrait Professionals

Lee Sang Jun

You heard it right! Virtual Backgrounds is taking Korea by storm and is changing the way professional portrait photography is being done in Korea! Tony Oh and the good people at Bonmatch have brought Virtual Backgrounds to Korea and have helped to open the eyes of many Korean photographers.

Before Virtual Backgrounds, photographers in Korea had to construct elegant new studio scenes once every few months costing them tens of thousands of dollars each time. Now, a simple transparent background slide and a few props are not only saving Korean photographers money, but they are also giving the photographers more variety! This month, we highlight one of Korea's finest portrait professionals, Mr. Lee Sang Jun. Read below as he shares his experiences both before and since he has purchased his new Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system.

Lee Sang Jun - In His Own Words

"It must be one of the most common issues all photographers over the world always face in front of a camera at the studio - longing for newer styles of pictures and wanting to capture the subjects in a more creative and elegant way.  I have been always questioned about backgrounds.

The conventional way of studio shooting in Korea is to put up canvas, paper, or muslin backgrounds.  Some photographers with artistic talent try to fix their own studios for backgrounds by themselves, but the others simply asked an interior decorating designer to take care of revamping their whole studio which is very expensive. 

I have been traveling for quite a long time to look for more creative scenes, while dreaming about the solutions of backgrounds which can satisfy my needs in time, cost effectiveness, and quality.

A light of hope came to me when I happened to visit San Antonio, Texas for Imaging USA in January 2007 and was introduced to the Virtual Backgrounds system.  It was more than enough to excite me.  Within only minutes, a number of creative pictures could be expressed in many various ways.  I returned to my studio in Korea, being full of excitement and enthusiasm after private lectures in San Marcos.  My Virtual Backgrounds system arrived and simply turned me to be the happiest photographer ever!

Jumping into the machine, I got my own backgrounds ready and tried to figure out the proper lightings and so on. Some additional props were set.  Yes, I’m all set!!!  My initial images let me down and I was puzzled with the unexpected results.  I quickly started understanding more about the system, and now I feel like I’m on the right track for great success!

It surely depends on the photographer’s own capability to produce the great works rather than on any equipment.  None of the state-of-art systems in the world could give effortless guarantee on the quality works. What photographers should do is to decide for yourself if any system can work well with you or not.  Once a decision is made to go, you should keep working hard to make the images come to life. 

I wish I could have my own exhibitions with all of the works with my Virtual Backgrounds system in the near future.  In order to make it happen, I will make every endeavor with enthusiasm to produce the shots that are my most creative ever."

Lee Sang Jun

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