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Scene Machine Universal, Digital and Spectravue 300: These units are designed for maximum flexibility for the portrait photographer who wants the utmost control of all aspects of the backgrounds.

The Scene Machine Universal

The Universal is the most full featured multi-functional Virtual Backgrounds projector made. It is designed to work with nearly any camera, both digital and film, including even 4 x 5 cameras, RZ67 with a power winder or other similar cameras. The Scene Machine Universal includes every conceivable adjustment that enables the photographer to have maximum control. It also includes the IES (Image Enhancement System). If you want the most advanced and flexible Virtual Backgrounds system made, your choice should be the Scene Machine Universal.

The Scene Machine Digital

An upgrade from the Spectravue 300, this unit offers the same high level of power and adjustment of the Universal model, while catering to today's newest D-SLR cameras. Remote controlled power supply allows for 1/10 stop adjustment to background flash intensity. Power, portability and factory set alignment make this the ultimate background projector.


The Spectravue Model 300

Designed to work with smaller cameras, both digital and film. Most digital cameras are classified as small cameras. A precision camera rotator is the center structure of the Spectravue 300. The Spectravue 300 has the advantage of being more portable than the Scene Machine Universal and does not need alignment. If you plan to work with smaller cameras such as the Hasselblad and most 35 mm style cameras and want most of the features of the Scene Machine Universal but in a more compact system, you choice should be the Spectravue 300.

The Spectravue Model 200 was designed to be the most simple to use and affordable projector ever made. While still producing a high quality background, the Spectravue 200 eliminates many of the less critical features that are basic to other units. Both units are available for 110 or 220 volt operation. The primary application for the Spectravue 200 is for on location school photography, event photography as well as for general studio use. No alignment is necessary.


The Spectravue Model 200

Incorporates an 80 watt separate power supply with quarter, half and full power settings. It uses a 35 to 80 zoom projection lens. It was designed for high volume location photography as well as basic studio work where simplicity of operation and affordability are important factors.

Ultra Projection Screens
More than a thousand times more reflective than conventional projection screens, and key to Virtual Backgrounds projection, our specially coated material is like no other. Used in conjunction with Blackscreen, which protects the projection material from "wash out."

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