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Rainy Chastine

A Bundle of Creative Energy!

Rainy Chastine is high energy and she is pumped about her new Virtual Backgrounds system. It is obvious within the first few moments of meeting her.  Whatever she does, she does with enormous enthusiasm.  That is exactly what Rainy has done with the Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system which she has had for only a short time.

Rainy has known about the Scene Machine system for a number of years but never really put her hands on it.  So when she heard that Austin photographer, Jennifer Turner was taking a serious look at a system for her studio and coming to a demonstration in San Marcos, Texas, Rainy boarded a plane in Atlanta and flew over to be part of the demonstration.  Once Rainy got her hands on the system, she immediately ordered one for her studio.  When it arrived in her Atlanta studio, Rainy immediately put it to work and started creating great images.  Her initial learning curve was almost non existent, but Rainy is never satisfied and continues to push the boundaries.

Rainy opened a studio in Georgia in 1997, in a restored Victorian house in the historical district.  She has a staff of 5 and specializes in babies and families in an upscale community that demands variety and quality.  Rainy services over 600 families a year with an average of about $600 to $650 per sitting.

Always interested in background variety, Rainy owns nine Off The Wall sets which now serve as perfect accessories for her Virtual Backgrounds system.  She has displays her work throughout her community including at hospitals, doctor’s offices, restaurants and community centers.  She is on the board of United Way and donates generously to various community projects.

Rainy is a full-fledged optimist!  Emphatically, Rainy believes that “disappointment only means that something better is coming along” and “the best is yet to come!”

A look at Rainy’s work clearly shows her talent and creativity.  She has her Scene Machine in a separate camera room which she calls her “magic studio.”  She does her regular studio work for a client and then offers to bring them over to the “magic studio.”  The response is always the same - the clients love the magic results!

Rainy’s Web site is http://www.imagesbyrainy.com/.

Rainy is a perfectionist and has generously agreed to allow us to display her first work with Virtual Backgrounds.  She says, though, that she will send us more of her samples which will be even better than these!  We will display them in upcoming issues of The Backgrounder, and we thank Rainy Chastine for sharing her images with all of us!  Keep up the excellent work, Rainy!

Click here to see many more of Rainy Chastine's images.

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