How Virtual Backgrounds Work

Creating Virtual Backgrounds is made easy with the Scene Machine and Spectravue projection system. It involves taking any ordinary transparency or slide and inserting it into the projector. Making use of a beamsplitter glass and specially coated, retro-reflective screen, the image is projected behind the subject. The image is flashed simultaneously with the studio strobes used to light the subject(s),thus creating a backdrop during the exposure. Any imaginable scene can be used, including indoor, outdoor, canvas, graphics, and much more.

Due to the highly reflective nature of our projection screen, it is important to note the background image being projected does not appear on the subject(s) . A small amount of light from the projector yields a bright, saturated background yet is not enough light to show on the subjects skin or clothing.

Virtually any camera will fit on the Scene Machine or Spectravue with optional adaptors. Whether you shoot film or digital, the Virtual Backgrounds system eliminates time and hardship while providing customers with the utmost variety in all your photo sessions. Quickly change from one background to the next and take total control of your background choices.
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