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Horacio and Nunila Dominguez

Horacio Swaps Family Car to Get a Scene Machine

Fifteen years ago, Horacio Dominguez of Ocotlan, Jalisco Mexico was so struck by the concept of having a Scene Machine for the studio operated by he and his wife, Nunila, that he was willing to do just about anything to get his hands on one.  He knew of a used Scene Machine that was available in Guadalajara, but he didn’t have any money.  His wife told him he was crazy to even think about owning a Virtual Backgrounds system. 

Nevertheless, Horacio drove to Guadalajara and returned with a Scene Machine but without a car!  He made a trade.  Nunila said, “No, no, no! This is not possible. We are going to have to ride the bus.”  The bus became their sole mode of transportation for a year as they worked to perfect their use of the Scene Machine and generate new profits.

Normally, Horacio and Nunila work in complete agreement but this time was an exception, and for a little while, life got worse.  They only had a few graphic slides and had no idea what to do with them. Somehow, Horacio had a dream that this machine would be a key to their studio success.

When Horacio got home with his Scene Machine, he did not sleep for three nights.  He worked diligently to learn to use the Scene Machine.  Speaking only Spanish, he did not feel comfortable calling Virtual Backgrounds for assistance and he could not read the English only manual. Still, he remained hooked on the concept and was sure that he had made the right decision. 

Nunila posed for Horacio for hours.  Back then, all test shots had to be done with a Polaroid adapter on their camera.  They soon had the Scene Machine working to the point where they could use it on real customers. Once this happened, they immediately started making money with it!

To promote their Scene Machine, they set up a booth at a commercial trade show.  They took Polaroid prints and people formed long lines to experience the magic of the Scene Machine.  Other trade show participants complained that the lines were blocking their booths!

All of this happened 15 years ago.  By comparison to today’s Scene Machine, they were using old technology.  They didn’t even have a Blackscreen in front of their projection screen.  They made the Scene Machine work to differentiate their photography from that of other photographers and to excite clients.

Today Horacio and Nunila use their Scene Machine for 99% of their studio work.  It is the tool that is a critical key to their success.  They have converted from film to a Kodak 14N digital camera. Their business is doing great.  Some of their colleagues have suggested that they don’t need a Scene Machine any more since they can digitally plug in backgrounds.  Horacio and Nunila laugh at such comments.  The Scene Machine saves them so much time while enabling them to be so creative.

Horacio and Nunila came to San Marcos, Texas and attended to the special Virtual Backgrounds workshop held last month in Texas for professional photographers from Mexico .  They came to learn more about their system and get more new ideas. They were excited about meeting the Virtual Backgrounds team and exchanging ideas with their colleagues.

Quoting Nunila, “As the main photographer, I want to say publicly that because of Virtual Backgrounds I found out that my husband had a great tenacity to become what he is now.  When he traded our only car for a Scene Machine, he promised to buy a new car with the Virtual Backgrounds profits and he did.  I really appreciate his tenacity to fall in love with Virtual Backgrounds and to work with me to use it so successfully in our studio.  It is such a wonderful tool.”

Horacio and Nunila came to San Marcos with a stack of samples of their work produced with their Scene Machine.  Everyone was impressed with the wonderful work they are producing with their old system and screen without even having the advantages of a Blackscreen protective layer.  We immediately decided that we wanted to share their work with others as an inspiration.   Horacio and Nunila truly show what can be accomplished with a Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system by those who have both talent and a willingness to apply that talent.  We are thrilled to show you their results.

Click here to view many, many more of Horatio and Nunila Dominguez's images created with their Virtual Backgrounds system




All of these prints were created with a 15 year old Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system and without a blackscreen! WOW!


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