Use Your Virtual Backgrounds Digital System to Capture Video with Motion or Still Backgrounds

Virtual Backgrounds has introduced a completely new application for the projected background concept at InfoComm, a worldwide show held in Las Vegas June 18-20, 2014, attracting about 40,000 visitors from over 100 countries. VB showed that the new digitally projected background process has enormous opportunities in the business world for creating backgrounds for all kinds of business communication such as video conferencing, webinars, and also for creative and traditional business portraits.  Be sure to read the July issue of The Backgrounder for more information that could mean a whole new business opportunity for professional photographers. 


1.  You save time and money!  No post shoot work is necessary.  No software.  With green screen, one can spend hours plugging in backgrounds after the image or video is capture.  

2.  Subjects can be instantly shown complete images or video with subject and background in place.

3.  Subject can wear any color clothing they wish.

4.  Props can EASILY be used in the foreground and background to accentuate the photograph or video.

5.  Background is captured simultaneously with the subject.

6.  Background can be INSTANTLY manipulated in terms of focus, size perspective, color and sharpness.

7.  No green tint is reflected onto the subjects skin tone.

8.  Front screen projection may be used as a green screen without many of the current green screen issues by simply projecting the color green.  

9.  Front screen projection looks real and does not distract from the subject.  There is no pasted in look.

10.  No need for additional lighting to illuminate the background and there are no shadows on the background to worry about.

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