January 2014

January 2014

New Digital Module can be added to Most Existing VB Systems!

The new VB digital module does not make every VB projector obsolete. The digital system was designed as a module to be used with most projectors made by Virtual Backgrounds (excluding the Spectravue 200, Scene Machine 2100, and earlier products). In fact, a photographer can quickly switch from digital to slides, depending on the job to be done. Contact your VB consultant for more information for details on how to add digital capability to your current Virtual Backgrounds system.

Why are Digital Backgrounds so Important to the Photographer?

Today, amateurs and others can take pretty good photographs with their various digital cameras all on their own, but with Virtual Backgrounds, you can create images no one else can. Professional photographers are only creatively limited by their imagination. With VB, you can actively market your unique results and the total experience as a key reason to patronize your business. The new digital module simply makes it easier, less expensive, and adds greater flexibility to enhance your creativity. With digital, you can truly have an infinite variety of backgrounds at your fingertips in just seconds. The background can be a very important component of a photograph which adds to the overall composition.

If you think you can really make a go of it offering simple, candid images for sale to your customers, think again. Your customers can do that on their own. The only real option is to offer a style of photography and variety your customers cannot begin to do on their own. Virtual Backgrounds plays a key role in enabling you to be truly unique.

Digitally Projected Backgrounds:  Years in the Making 

Digitally projected backgrounds have been a long time coming because we had to wait for projector technology to develop and for the size and prices of quality projectors to come down. To minimize pixelization, we needed at least full HD quality coupled with a relatively small physical size for the projector and a cost that made projecting digital backgrounds financially viable. We are excited that the time has come and that we are able to offer digitally projected background technology to you!

We took the same technology that we use with our slide projector systems and replaced the projection lens and flash module with the new digital projector. The results are fantastic and have blown our minds!

VB founder and president, Dr. Henry Oles states, “We’ve always wanted 100% digital backgrounds, but the technology just wasn’t there. Everything changed in the last year to allow us to create our first digital projector. Make no mistake about it, slides are also still a very valuable way to create backgrounds. We suggest that our customers use both slide and digital technology. That is why we have made it possible to switch from one to the other depending on the job at hand.”

VB Offers In House Financing 

VB offers our 50/50 financing program (50% down payment and 12 equal monthly payments with no interest) on full systems which include a projector and screen. Contact your VB consultant. You can’t beat this very flexible financing program.

Imagine the Possibilities Upcoming February Workshop

There simply is no better way to learn about Virtual Backgrounds and how to turn it into a key component in your photography business other than by attending a three-day workshop taught by master photographer, Mark Barnett. You’ll not only learn all about the Virtual Backgrounds process including how to use both the digital and slide-based VB systems, but you will learn how to integrate it into your workflow and into your marketing as well! In our workshops, we also cover lighting and posing especially as it applies to using Virtual Backgrounds.

There is no other workshop like this in the world! In fact, we provide this workshop with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Upon completion, if you do not feel that it was one of the most important workshops you have ever attended, they can ask for a full refund of the registration fee. How many workshops do that? To date, no one has ever asked for a refund!

Contact your VB consultant for more information about the workshop and for registration information. We look forward to seeing you in San Marcos!

Are Slides Going Away? 

Definitely Not! We have simply added another option to our projected background project line. Digital projected backgrounds are generating a great deal of attention, and the use of slides are just as useful as they have always been. Digital simply adds a new dimension and new opportunities for you to express your creativity in the products that you produce. Transparency or slide film is still being made and it is expected to remain for years to come. Backgrounds are more important than ever to help you go far beyond what your customers can do on their own.

You Can Now Easily Switch between Slides and Digital Backgrounds! 

Digital backgrounds bring a variety of advantages but slides also have some advantages. The beauty of the new digital system is that with most projectors, you can change from one to the other very quickly and easily. At the very least, slide technology serves as a backup to digital.

New VB Demonstration and Training Center Coming Soon in Louisville, Kentucky!

Cindy Barclay (formerly Cindy Cofer) is building a big new studio in Louisville, Kentucky which will operate as a regular portrait studio and as a demonstration center for Virtual Backgrounds systems. Photographers from many parts of the eastern United States will be able to visit Cindy for demonstrations and training. The new studio is slated to open in a couple of months.  Stay tuned to future editions of The Backgrounder or contact Cindy directly for all of the details!

VB Background Sets Will Also Become Available Digitally

We are making plans to make many of the VB stock background sets available for sale as digital files. VB offers a huge array of images to meet most any situation including fantasy type backgrounds for children.

The possibilities are endless! You can start building your collection of background images that you capture yourself, anywhere you go. To set yourself apart from your local competitors, capturing local backgrounds from your own community such as schools, sports facilities, churches, and so much more will give you a huge advantage over your competition. Instead of having to go out to the parks or other sites and deal with the elements, bring your customers into your studio where you have total control!

You’ll quickly discover just how powerful backgrounds can be to enhance your photography!  Keep an eye on The Backgrounder for news on when we will begin offering digital backgrounds for sale.

Want to Learn More about How VB can Enhance Your Business?  

See What Master Photographers Rick Avalos and Mark Barnett recently said at Imaging USA about the New Digital Projection System 



The Most Important Development in Projected Backgrounds in Years!

Introducing VB’s First Ever Digital Background Projector

The new VB digital projector
(camera and tablet not included)

The Virtual Backgrounds booth at Imaging USA received a lot of attention with the unveiling of our new digital technology to instantly enable photographers to create an infinite variety of backgrounds directly from their computer, iPad, tablet, or smart phone. Take a photo and it instantly can become your background!

A dream of many professional photographers has been a digitally projected Virtual Backgrounds system. Until now, all Virtual Backgrounds systems have used transparencies to create backgrounds. Slides work great, but the biggest problem was the effort it took for photographers to produce the slides. Now, photographers have a choice of optical and digital backgrounds.

The digital background can be instantly modified. Besides adjusting the background’s proportional size, brightness, focus, and position behind the subject, with digital, you can easily adjust color, contrast, and can perform an infinite number of special effects. You can even photograph the subject and then instantly use the subject’s image as a background. The key to success is to produce images that no one else can and do so with ease and minimal cost.

The new digital system utilizes the latest technology in very small but powerful video projection combined with other VB developments to produce brilliant, clear backgrounds.

All images shown here were taken with the digital Virtual Backgrounds projector at the Imaging USA show in Phoenix in the VB booth with just eight feet of space, using a main light, an accent light, and a reflector.


Watch the below video to see what Waldo Berry has to say about the new VB digital projector.

The Day Has Arrived for Free Backgrounds!

With digitally project backgrounds, your background cost has just reduced to zero! No more hundreds of dollars spent on bulky backdrops that go out of style and leave you wondering where you will store the muslin. Now you can have infinite background variety for zero cost, all thanks to the latest development in digital background technology. Imagine how you could expand your creativity, impress your clients, and continue to grow your business! Imagine all the unique products that you can create for your customers that they cannot create for themselves!

PPA Imaging USA – First Images Captured with Our New Digital Virtual Backgrounds System

 Many show attendees stopped by the VB booth to see the new digital projector and agreed to be photographed. Keep in mind that we worked in an area only eight feet deep and only a few moments were taken to create each image. The images are really just quick snapshots but they show a bit of the creativity that is possible with digital backgrounds. There was just a main light, hair light, and a reflector.  If this is what can be done in a trade show convention center, imagine what you can do in your studio!

VB is Much More than Just Photography Equipment! It’s a Super Powerful Marketing Tool and Business Booster too!


In addition to being one of the most important pieces of photography equipment investment that you’ll ever make, owning a VB system is a super powerful marketing tool, a powerful creative tool, and a business booster as well. It can pay for itself over and over and over again because VB enhances the basic nature of your business! Owning a VB system separates you from all others including and especially your do-it-yourself customers!

Which is Better: Slides or Digital? 

Using slides in a background projector has the advantage of not needing a mobile device connected to it. Digitally projecting backgrounds has the advantage of using your mobile device to project digital backgrounds, even ones that you produce on the spot with your customer present! Which is better depends on you, your needs, and how you prefer to do your work as well as what you’d like to accomplish in particular photo shoots.

Both transparency slides and digital files can create an infinite variety of backgrounds for the professional photographer. There are some differences to consider. Slides have a higher resolution than digital projection. However, it’s very difficult to discern with the human eye. If your customers cannot tell the difference, then digitally projected backgrounds are great tools to keep in your photography toolbox. Slides have the advantage being easy to handle and not requiring any software. Slides can also create a larger image from a set distance compared with digital. Digital has the advantage of more creative possibilities and backgrounds that cost nothing to produce but your time. Slides also work best when photographing rapidly moving subjects such as a ballet dancer.

Most importantly, slides and digital both have the power to catch the attention of the customer and provide them with a unique experience they cannot get anywhere else.  Your sales and bottom line profits will go up, and up, and up! We expect many of our VB customers to use both slides and digitally projected backgrounds to maximize their needs.

How Do Projected Digital Backgrounds Compare against Green Screen? 

Slide and digitally projected backgrounds are not the same as green screen. Green screen is time consuming, does not allow you to see the complete image (subject and background) live in the camera at the time of shooting, and you have to take valuable post-production time to paste in the backgrounds afterwards before showing the results to your customers.

Imagine taking 50 shots of a subject and then pasting in 50 backgrounds while your customer waits in your studio to see the preliminary results! It’s so much simpler and really timeless with the Virtual Backgrounds process! Many photographers have moved away from the green screen and towards projected Virtual Backgrounds! Your time and your business are completely worth it!

What Does a Virtual Backgrounds Projector Cost? 

If you already have a compatible VB projector, you can add the digital module as an accessory for just $2,295. If you are just starting with Virtual Backgrounds, you have a choice between the VB Express and the VB Optima as a digital projector only, as a slide projector only, or you can get a special deal on a combo package of slides and digital. There are two main components to a projected VB system: the projector and the screen. Contact your VB consultant for complete details.

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