November 2013

November 2013

The IRS 179 for 2013 Clock is Winding Down

As a professional photographer, if you purchased a new VB system even with just 30% down, you may be able to deduct 100% of the cost if you put it in service before 12/31/2013. That may mean that your deduction refund could about equal your down payment! Check with your tax accountant for details. It’s a super program.

 Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga Discover How Virtual Backgrounder can Help Their Hybrid Imaging 

Suzette and Jon were the speakers for the TPPA fall event in Arlington, Texas which brought together more than 60 photographers for two days. This was Suzette and Jon’s first experience at using Virtual Backgrounds for producing backgrounds for their hybrid video, a new concept that is one of their favorite teaching topics. They even created a short video during a break that demonstrates how VB can be used with DSLR video cameras. Suzette and Jon will be at Texas School next year.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them!
Why this is the Worst Possible Advice 

Amateurs today are infinitely better able to take good photographs on their own - even with just a cell phone camera. They are constantly impressed with their results. Because amateurs seem to be so successful, many frustrated professionals think that they need to alter their methods and actually become more amateur like. Does this make any sense?

Absolutely not! It makes no sense! Many established photographers are closing their studios and working entirely on location. They are selling their studio lighting equipment and just capturing the natural look which means no special lighting, no special posing, no nothing other than what the amateur already does quite well. So, how could they possibly think that this is the answer?

The only answer is to be as different from the amateur as possible both in terms of equipment, product, and experience. It is critical to have a studio even if it is a home studio. It is critical to have quality lighting and the know how to use it. It is critical to have special tools like Virtual Backgrounds. Amateurs don’t have VB. It enables the professional to do so much more than what any amateur could do.

Before you jump all the way out of the pan and into the fire, consider how important it is for your continued existence to set yourself far above all others. Virtual Backgrounds can certainly play an important role because no amateurs have.

Featured Photographer Dick Stevens’ Halloween Images

Long time Virtual Backgrounds photographer, Dick Stevens of Greenville, South Carolina sent us several of his Halloween images to share with our Backgrounder readers. Read Dick’s Featured Photographer article in the October 20111 Backgrounder here.

Christine Kronz Uses Her VB System to Enhance Her Creativity

Christine Kronz is having fun being more creative using her projected Virtual Background system. Quoting Christine, “I wouldn’t say that the VB system has increased my business. I would say that it has enhanced it. I already had the business, the clients for event photos, proms, etc. VB has taken what I can do to another level and made me much more competitive over my competition.

The photos here are from the Boo Ball, an adult Halloween party we have been shooting for four years. It is one of the events I had in mind when I purchased my VB system earlier this year.”

Christine Kronz, Photographer LLC
“Capturing the Treasures of a Lifetime”

Bonnie St. Pierre’s Halloween Portraits

New Hampshire photographer, Bonnie St. Pierre used her Virtual Backgrounds system to create these Halloween portraits. The end of October is a great time to run a Halloween special for both fun and profit.

Joseph and Louise Simone Backgrounds

This is the ultimate artistic background set created by world famous master photographers, Joseph and Louise Simone. There is nothing else like them that can move your photography from photographs to artistry. Visit our website to view all Simone Collections!

Private Training, Right in Your Studio 

VB offers private training by master photographer Mark Barnett who also teaches the VB workshop classes. Mark will come to your studio to provide you with exactly what you need. The training is structured precisely for you. Backgrounds, lighting, posing, Photoshop, customer management. Reports from many photographers clearly tell the story. Contact VB for information.

Fall Financing Special

30% Down - No Interest
A Great Way to Get Started Using Virtual Backgrounds 

The unique VB 50/50 financing program just got even better for the fall season. Photographers can get a projected Virtual Backgrounds system for only 30% down and VB will finance the rest, without interest! No other company finances their equipment for professional photographers without even checking credit and without interest.

Why does VB offer this unbelievable financing program? It’s a special promotion to help photographers expand their creativity and grow sales. Just one or two extra sessions per month is all that it takes to make the payment for the system.

The fall 30/70 program is a way for the professional to clearly spring ahead of everyone else, especially the amateur, producing results no one else can achieve. In addition, they are able to provide their clients with a unique experience far beyond snap shots on location.

This is a limited time offer. Contact a VB consultant for more information.

November VB Background Workshop Date Added to the Schedule 

October 2013 Workshop Attendees
(some from Nigeria, Tanzania, and Canada)

After the October VB workshop filled to capacity, VB decided to add a November workshop (November 18-20, 2013) the week before Thanksgiving. It will be the last workshop of the year. There is no other workshop anywhere like the VB Imagine the Possibilities workshop which places special emphasis on projected Virtual Backgrounds but also covers lighting, posing, marketing, and total integration for ultimate success. VB has always had a policy of providing a workshop guarantee to all registrants. Thousands have attended and no one has ever asked for a refund. Contact VB for information and registration.

The Way Things Ought to Be:
Having More Business Than You Know What to do With!

At a time when many photographers find their business to be slow and sometimes almost nonexistent, even with lower prices, there are those photographers like Lora Yeater in West Virginia who is even having to turn some potential clients away because she can’t do any more. What’s the difference? Those photographers like Lora who produce highly creative high quality work that others cannot do, are generally doing great. It’s a simple formula that works. Lora uses Virtual Backgrounds for much but not all of her work. Creative variety is her keynote however it can be achieved.

Lora has been featured in The Backgrounder and on our VB website:

Visit Lora’s website at or like her on Facebook at
Lora Yeater

Lora has also become an active speaker for professional groups. For information on her programs, contact Lora at [email protected].


VB Partners with Diane Wilson for Exciting New Slide Sets 

Diane Wilson of Toronto, Canada is one of the best known fantasy/theme photographers.  By special arrangement, VB is now offering Diane’s unique theme background sets and other theme photography accessories.  VB is also working with Diane to produce an extensive training program for professionals who are interested in learning how to do fantasy/theme photography.

The first featured Diane Wilson fantasy set of backgrounds is Winter Wonderland, which is perfect for this time of the year.


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  • Andrea Todt

    Hello there, Please let me know how I can buy the slides and the costs incl shipping to Canada.
    Thank you!

    • Crystal

      Hello Andrea!

      Thank you for your interest in our background slides. You can normally purchase online, but if you are outside the United States it would be best to contact our office at [email protected] or at 512-524-7085 so we can give you a more exact pricing on shipping. We look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you!

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