July 2013

July 2013

August VB Imagine the Possibilities Workshop

Have you ever wondered about the real value of projected backgrounds? Are projected backgrounds really as good as claimed? Can they really revolutionize your business and help propel it to higher levels of success?

There is only one way to find out for sure. Attend an Imagine the Possibilities workshop. This intensive three-day workshop, taught by Master Photographer Mark Barnett, covers all aspects of projected Virtual Backgrounds. The workshop also covers professional lighting, posing, total integration, as well as unique ways of marketing your operation to show just how to clearly differentiate yourself from all others.

The workshop is held in San Marcos, Texas which is conveniently located between Austin and San Antonio. The cost of the workshop is only $295 with a guarantee of total satisfaction. The dates for the August workshop are August 5-7, 2013. Contact us for more information!

Rites of Passage Photography Workshop
August 8-9, 2013

Looking for ways to grow your business? Learn how California photographer Bill Hodge has built his entire business on Rites of Passage photography, with special attention on Eagle scouts.

This two-day workshop will be held immediately following the August VB Imagine the Possibilities workshop making it possible to attend two workshops with one trip.

Contact us for more information! You can also click on the button below to hear a special message from Bill Hodge.

Michael Warshall’s High Profit SUCCE$$ Workshop in Cabos Mexico

Each year Michael Warshall of Nulab Professional Imaging, Australia’s largest professional photo lab, presents an intensive week-long workshop at a major exclusive resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. It is attended by a small group of serious photography entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to maximize their income. The cost of the workshop is $5,500 Australian dollars (all inclusive). Michael Warshall is a world-renowned professional photographer and business entrepreneur who eagerly shares his knowledge. He is also an intense user of projected Virtual Backgrounds.

The workshop draws photographers from around the world. Learn more about this very exclusive workshop.

Private Training by a Master Photographer

Virtual Backgrounds is offering private training by Master Photographer Mark Barnett of Charlotte, North Carolina. There is no better way to get the specific hands-on training that you need, right in your own studio. Mark is an expert at lighting, posing, and especially the projected Virtual Backgrounds process. His training is customized to your specific needs and situation. At VB, Mark is a field consultant for Virtual Backgrounds system owners and also teaches the VB Imagine the Possibilities workshop.

You can read books, watch videos, and attend workshops but nothing comes close to private training. The cost of private training is not nearly as high as you may think and the results can be astounding.

Contact us to learn more about private training options.

If it Involves Computers, Talk to Tim

Tim Huff has been our professional computer consultant and Web master for years at Virtual Backgrounds. Tim is expanding his consulting business and is especially interested in serving professional photographers. If you are in need of an excellent broad-based digital expert, we recommend that you contact Tim Huff at 512-787-1282. Tim’s company is eSolution Experts. E mail Tim at [email protected].

Images from YourLook Studio Franchise Owners

Best Time Ever for Serious Photographic Entrepreneurs!

Is the glass half empty or half full? It all depends on how one looks at it. Yes, even though thousands of studios are closing one must also look at those who are succeeding and then look forward to predict what it will take to be successful in the future. The digital revolution has certainly disrupted the industry, but the shakeout is bringing new opportunities for those who clearly stand out from the masses. The contrast between amateur or low level professional work and true creative contemporary artistic photography as well as the serious photographic entrepreneur is becoming clearer than ever. Here’s why.

The amateurish level of the industry, the taking of snap shots on location has exploded. Nearly anyone can get good enough shots mostly on location while the mid-level of the profession has crashed as exemplified by the closing of thousands of the Sears, Walmart, K Mart studios as well as the near disappearance of thousands of mom and pop studios that were not able to find their way through the digital revolution.  Many of the mom and pops succumbed to thinking they could make it by becoming more amateur like. That formula hasn’t worked very well.

Better times are developing for the high end photographic artists and serious entrepreneurs engaging in specialty photography. Their products are rapidly becoming distinct and contrasting from the low end because the middle level has essentially collapsed.

Having a studio today is becoming really special as a result of the fact that so many have disappeared, including most of the retail level studios. Having innovative equipment such as projected Virtual Backgrounds, takes what used to be a limited studio into a whole new level of creative sophistication. Artistry, talent, and creativity, coupled with traditional values such as complementary lighting, posing and composition help to make the upper end operation even more special.

Fortunately, one fundamental fact remains: When given a choice, most people want to look their very best in any serious photographic situation, and they will seek out the photographer who can make them look their best even if it costs them a bit more. And, they want maximum variety from which to make their selections.

The other winners are the specialty photographers - those who concentrate on school photography, church directories, unique forms of sports photography, enchanted photography of children, and events.  This is especially true if they offer products and services that are clearly different from their competition.

So, instead of doom and gloom, opportunities abound not only for the long established who are willing to change but also for the newcomers who are anxious to climb the ladder from newcomer and soccer mom to a highly successful entrepreneur working in the photographic industry. True success is still an option. How wide spread the new success will become in the years ahead depends on how individuals respond to the changing world.

Lora Yeater

A True Photographic Artist

Lora Yeater’s outstanding creative work is admired not just by her customers but also by other professionals who desire to grow both their creative talents and their bottom line sales.

A single statement from Lora sums up her philosophy that has led to her success. Her images tell the rest of the story.

“As a photographer, true passion as well as high quality is of utmost importance. I always strive to do my best and am able to raise the bar higher by using the Virtual Backgrounds System. Seniors and parents are very impressed that I can quickly and easily match their unique outfits and uniforms to a background, and I’m pleased with the variety that I can produce. This variety helps to set me apart from competitors and gives my work that perfect professional edge.”

Lora is an active program speaker and is anxious to share her story with other professionals.  To find out where Lora will speak next or to talk with her about a speaking engagement for your group, contact her at [email protected] or 304-758-0255.  Lora is co-sponsored by H & H Labs and Virtual Backgrounds.

Lora Yeater is featured on VB’s website.  Read more.

A Close-up Look at YourLook,

the International Portrait

Franchise System

YourLook is a unique new international franchise opportunity available for serious professionals located anywhere in the world who are looking for ways to expand their business opportunities. YourLook encourages the implementation of unique styles of portrait photography that clearly reflects the specific desires of the subject. YourLook encourages almost anything but the cookie cutter look and the candid snapshot look that is typical of so many photographers today. YourLook photographers typically use projected Virtual Backgrounds for added creativity and individualization. YourLook photographers are also strongly encouraged to work with makeup artists and hair stylists to get the best possible results that are clearly different from typical photography.

YourLook is a franchise but unlike most franchises that require the abandonment of individual creativity and initiative, YourLook is what is known as a soft franchise. Franchisees maintain their individual freedom while profiting from the advantages that come with working under a common brand and cooperative promotion.

The YourLook concept was the brain child of Rainer Pflips of Germany. Rainer had a long history in working in photography, initially as a hobby, including even darkroom work but it wasn’t until 2005 when he came up with the idea of a soft franchise association of portrait studios on an international basis.

YourLook first exhibited their concept at Photokina 2008 the world’s largest photographic show held every other year in Koln Germany and found that there was considerable interest. Today, there are 27 franchise studios on four continents. Rainer himself opened his own YourLook studio in April 2013, in Oberhausen Germany, so he could personally live the life of a YourLook franchisee.

The studio is already performing well offering a wide variety of photographic services ranging from children to boudoir. Boudoir is becoming very successful because amateurs and even most professionals simply do not have the tools and know-how to produce quality boudoir products. They typically look amateurish and far different from what can be done by a professional photographer with the proper equipment and training. The Oberhasen studio has three employees, two photographers and a makeup artist.

YourLook has found that professional photographers have a great deal of fear with becoming part of a franchise, thinking that a franchise agreement would be severely restricting to their independence and creativity. Rainer explains, “This just isn’t the case. A soft franchise enables the studio owner to continue to be independent but at the same time have the advantages of being associated with other YourLook Studios around the world. For example, Smith’s Photography may become Smith’s Photography, a YourLook Studio.

We encourage each of our studios to be independent and creative, serving their clients in unique and special ways. A problem we have found is that many photographers place too much emphasis only on the traditional methods they originally learned. Traditionalism does not work well in today’s world, especially if it is not supplemented with contemporary styles that may be different in each location. Our purpose is to best serve the needs of our individual clients providing them with their own special look. Having a makeup artist on board has been shown to be a key component. It is part of the total YourLook experience. We feel it is so important for each client to have a unique pleasurable and memorable experience at YourLook.

There is no typical set style at YourLook. Each studio is encouraged to develop their own unique styles as long as they stay away from being totally traditional. YourLook studios in America are encouraged to include some of the European style while studios in Europe are encouraged to include at least some American style of photography.

A typical YourLook sitting can take as long as two hours with a variety of changes in clothing, pose, expression, lighting, and backgrounds. Having a Virtual Backgrounds system is not a requirement of being a YourLook studio, but its use is strongly encouraged because background variation can do so much to add unique variety. Using different backgrounds enables the photographer to broaden their posing and lighting to create totally integrated products to excite the subject and increase sales. In addition the use of projected Virtual Backgrounds is something that impresses the public since it is strictly a professional tool that armatures do not have.

Rainer sees a bright future for YourLook. “As we grow, we will be able to offer our franchisees so many more benefits. It will take time, but our YourLook brand will become better known as the studio that is distinctively different from all others.”

YourLook corporate is working on new training materials, make up guides, and sample images for the franchisees. A new product is a special YourLook smart phone app and a voucher program that enables the public to purchase gift vouchers to be redeemed at a YourLook Studio.

YourLook recently launched a new website. Also visit YourLook’s German website. For further information e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].

Seeing is Believing!
Hands-on Experience is Absolute Proof!
Discover the Power of Projected Virtual Backgrounds!


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    excellent work. MY hope and passion is to be as good or better in the near future. A+

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