June 2013

June 2013

Projected Virtual Backgrounds Defined

Many newcomers to the profession may not have any idea what a projected Virtual Backgrounds actually is and what it can do for them.  Imagine having only ONE background, a kind of projection screen and a special projector attached to the camera.  Imagine an infinite variety of backgrounds with no storage and the ability to change backgrounds in seconds.  The photographer sees the background live in the camera and when the shutter is tripped, both background and subject are captured.  There are no computers and no laborious pasting in such as with green screen.

The whole process is so phenomenal that many photographers don’t believe it is even possible but it is real.  Contact us to learn more about this incredible process.

Green Screen vs. Projected Virtual Backgrounds

Upfront, a green screen background system costs less than a projected background system but is it a good value?  With green screen, the photographer labors to paste in every background after the subject has left.  It can take hours.  With projected Virtual Backgrounds, the photographer sees the background live in the camera along with the subject and when the photograph is taken, the results can be immediately shown and printed.  Changing backgrounds takes seconds.  There are many more reasons why projected backgrounds are the preferred method.

Studio Theater Impresses Customers

Much of what the public thinks of you depends on what they see.  Example:  If you show up at a wedding with a cell phone camera, a lot of eyebrows will be raised and confidence will crash.  If you come with a sophisticated camera and lens unlike anything amateurs would use, the public’s perception will go up.

If you have a professional looking studio, even if it is in an unused bedroom, the public will see you as more professional and better equipped than if you just shoot on location especially if you show results that can only be done in a studio.  The equipment in your studio should impress your customers.  Having a Virtual Backgrounds system can be easily promoted as the tool that makes you special and different from all others.  It’s all part of studio theater.  Do not ever underestimate the power of studio theater.

School Photography
Boot Camp Answers the Question:

 Where’s the Money?

At a time when so many photographers are working for peanuts, there are still ways to make a major income with professional photography.  One of those ways is school photography.  But like so many things worthwhile, you can’t just decide to start doing school photography tomorrow.  There is much to learn…as it should be.  Chris Wunder conducts a “school photography boot camp” once a year - an event that any aspiring school photographer should not miss.  It will jump start you into this profitable mainstay of professional photography.

This year’s boot camp will be held in Nashville, Tennessee the week of July 8-12, 2013.  There will be plenty of hands on training but just as important, Chris provides an enormous amount of information about the basic operation of a school photography business including the marketing of your services and how to market the image results for maximum success.  For more information and registration information visit the Bootcamp website.

Classic and Timeless
Photography by Joseph and Louise Simone
International Renowned Portrait Artists 

No one produces classic portraiture better than Joseph and Louise Simone of Montreal Canada.  Joseph and Louise bring to every session absolute artistic perfection in lighting, posing, expression, and backgrounds.  Joseph and Louise are true artists. There is always room for truly artistic photography.

The Simones are avid proponents of the advantages of projected Virtual Backgrounds and have created five sets of backgrounds sold by Virtual Backgrounds.

The Simone’s artistic talent is clearly evident in every exposure.  Instead of snapping dozens or hundreds of shots, hoping to get a good one, the Simones concentrate on making every exposure as close to perfection as possible.  Amateurs and most professionals cannot produce the kind of classic work the Simones create.  They are clearly recognized as true artists and compensated appropriately.

Learn more about Simone portraits and the five sets of Simone created background slide collections.

 Need Professional IT
Assistance with Most
Anything Involving a Computer?

Contact the eSolution Experts

 Tim Huff, the Founder and CEO of eSolution Experts has provided Web and IT services to Virtual Backgrounds for several years – Tim has been a great asset for us. He recognizes the vital role Web technology plays in the professional photography industry. As the CEO of eSolution Experts, Tim’s company provides skills and knowledge for helping professional such as you achieve the maximum ROI for a cost effective solution for establishing and growing your business entity online. Additional services that eSolution Experts provides are Web design, content development, shopping cart integration, business class phone solutions, and Managed IT support services.

To reach Tim Huff for a consultation! Call 1-877-302-8326 (ext. 101) or visit www.esolutionexperts.com to see what eSolution Experts can do for you!

Best Group
Posing Solution:

VB’s Seven Piece Group Poser

 Group portraits make money but the common problem is how you pose them.  Most photographers run around looking for anything they can find to position the people on different heights and for sitting.  Problem Solved!  The Studio Pro 7 piece poser makes it so easy - and it looks so professional.  Watch the attached video to see how the Studio Pro 7 Piece Group Poser can solve your group posing problems.

A Workshop that can
Truly Enhance Your Career

Virtual Backgrounds offers a three-day workshop that covers everything you need to know about Virtual Backgrounds.  It includes plenty of hands on time so you can experience the power of Virtual Backgrounds for yourself.  Seeing is believing.  The workshop is presented throughout the year and draws participants from around the world.  The next workshop is scheduled for August 5-7, 2013.  Also, Bill Hodges Rites of Passage workshop will immediately follow on August 8-9, 2013.  We hope to see you there!

Learn more about this unique three-day Imagine the Possibilities VB workshop.

Which is Better?
Studio or Location Photography

Many established photographers are abandoning their studios and moving entirely into shooting on location while most newcomers to the profession work solely on location.  That’s a big mistake for the professional.  Having a studio is a distinct differentiator between the amateur and the professional.  Even more of a differentiator is the studio has a Virtual Backgrounds system for maximum flexibility.

It is the studio that enables the professional photographer to be far more creative in so many different ways including unlimited background variety, unique complementary lighting, special props, easy clothing changes, privacy and far less photographer travel time.  Hollywood movie makers shoot much of their footage in their studio facilities and not on location for these very reasons.  Location work can be extremely limiting.

Let’s look at a specific example, photographed by Trevon Baker during an Imagine the Possibilities VB workshop that clearly demonstrates the many advantages of working in a studio where the photographer has total control.

With projected Virtual Backgrounds you can
produce super high quality images like this 24/7/365.

1. The background.  In real life, this beautiful fall background is only available for a very short period once a year.   The perfect background lighting lasts only for a few minutes, just before sunset. The weather has to be just right.  There has to be privacy.  And this background has already been enhanced with Photoshop, making it better than real.

2. The pose.  It’s professionally done to complement the subject but it still looks natural.  The prop helps complete the pose.

3.  The lighting.  It’s professional artistic lighting to complement the subject’s characteristics achieved with a large Studio Pro asymmetric softbox and reflectors but it still looks natural.  Few if any location photographers would bring their studio lighting equipment and a gasoline powered generator to a location shoot. The lighting gives the portrait a clearly professional look unlike anything just shot candidly.

4.  Environmental control.  No squinting from bright sunshine, no wind, no bugs, no sweat from the heat, no rain and no annoying peering eyes of gawking strangers.  And the background is available 24/7/365.  Add to all this the ability to change backgrounds in seconds.

5.  Background control.  The biggest advantage of studio photography is being able to change backgrounds, alter the lighting, and change the pose and props.  Studios are convenient, time saving, private and best of all, you have total control!  Achieving such variety is just impossible without a studio and without projected backgrounds.

Bonus!  If only you can do all this while all others cannot, you have greater marketing leverage over your competitors.

Do we recommend that photographers completely abandon location photography?  Definitely not.  We recommend providing customers with the widest range of services including both location and studio based photography.   This issue is not arguable.

Ultimate Background Variety
for School Photography

Most school photographers use a single canvas or muslin background, even if they take multiple exposures for proofs.  With Virtual Backgrounds, the photographer can change backgrounds in seconds as shown here by sample images created by Trevon Baker.  School photographers are discovering how much better and less costly Virtual Backgrounds are compared with green screen.

Innovative Developments in
Projected Virtual Backgrounds

New innovations continue to come forth as more and more uses for Virtual Backgrounds are discovered by innovative creative photographers.   For example, make your own transparencies for some backgrounds right on your inkjet printer.  Many unique abstract backgrounds can be created from pieces of plastic and even bubble wrap.

Master photographer, Mark Barnett has recently proven that it is possible to put two background screens together to make backgrounds as wide as 18 feet for dance schools and team pictures.

 VB is being used more and more for school photography and sports photography.  Some portrait studios are now starting to produce local video productions using VB to create the backgrounds.  Cindy Cofer of Kentucky has demonstrated how she combines still photography with video using Animoto for a completely new product.

Applications for projected Virtual Backgrounds are limited only by the photographer’s imagination.  Stay tuned as more new ideas coming.  VB is the creative photographer’s dream.

Set Up A VB Studio Almost Anywhere!

You don’t need a huge area for a studio when you have Virtual Backgrounds.  A VB system can be set up in minutes. In an area as small as 8 x 10 feet.  The possibilities are unlimited even when you have just minimal space.

If you are serious about professional photography;
If you are serious about expanding your creativity;
If you are serious about being clearly different from all others;
You should be serious about learning more about the many advantages of using projected Virtual Backgrounds.

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  • Alan Love

    My wife and I have survived over 30yrs in the Photography business as a part time business. My garage has high cielings so I coverted my garage early in our carrier to a camera room. We are probably the only photographer in town with a camera room. Now most of the other commercial studios have closed their doors, we’re getting more calls. We have a vbs machine. We haven’t used it alot over the years but are looking to use it more and possibly update. Thanks for the backgrounder. Al Love

  • Omary

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am in Dar es salaam, Tanzania and I want to buy your product Virtual Background complite shown on youre web site how much the cif price

    • Virtual Backgrounds


      To provide information on pricing and the products that would be best for you please email us at [email protected] A consultant will contact you shortly to answer your questions.

  • Stamm Todd

    I opened my studio 19 years ago. I have used VB from day one. There is no way I would put it up and not use it. I learn something new every day

  • Victor Elias

    Please send me prices in dollars for the different products you have both new and for refurbished ones and cost for shipment to Nigeria-Africa.
    waiting to hear from you soon.

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