May 2012

May 2012

Take a Video Adventure – See All That’s Happening in VB’s World

Clients often comment on the difference attending one of our VB classes has made on their business and the quality of their photography!  We pride ourselves on sharing real world issues facing today’s photographers.  We provide solutions to stand out from the competition!

It’s the Total Experience That Makes the Sales

Anyone can take a subject to a park, a railroad track, or a dingy part of town to shoot a bunch of pictures hoping that spray-n-pray results in some that are good enough to buy. Only a true professional with training, experience, the proper equipment, and a studio can offer the client a comprehensive total experience with the widest variety of results. Things really haven’t changed all that much. Offer the customer the most variety and the highest quality and that will lead to success. After all, it makes no sense to offer less and expect more.

By working in a well-equipped studio, you have total control of the customer’s experience. You can tailor the session to their liking and then add some of your specialty images as well to tickle their imagination. You create an experience so special that it becomes long term. Why would they want to go to any other photographer or just be satisfied with their own snapshots?

It’s Here!  VB in 3D

YourLook, the new franchise photography organization for professional photographers, did it first. They tested using a 3D camera on their Virtual Backgrounds system in one of their studios in Germany and were absolutely amazed with the results. When viewed on a 3D TV, the results are really impressive. Since then, YourLook has been promoting 3D and it has gotten them a good deal of free press, great PR, and new customers.

Customers may not even have a 3D TV but they come in to take a look for themselves and very often they like what they see and schedule a session, with or without 3D. 3D at least attracted them to YourLook. People want to see for themselves what’s new and different. They want to be involved with those that have the latest.


We wish you could view these sample images in 3D.

In-House Financing Saves You Time and Money

Virtual Backgrounds is an investment.  It’s easy to get credit with VB.  We offer in house financing that makes it  possible for photographers to purchase a system even if they have poor credit.  The goal is for you to begin using to enhance you studio business and build your profits. VB founder and president, Henry Oles, states that incorporating Virtual Backgrounds into a photography business can very quickly begin generating extra revenue to quickly pay for the system and then some. It is a key product that enables the photographer to offer services and products that the customer cannot get anywhere else and certainly cannot do on their own. Being different is the key to professional success today.
Virtual Backgrounds also offers a variety of factory refurbished and gently used systems.  Some have only been used for display at trade shows.  Contact your VB consultant for further information. Where there is a will there is a way!  Start benefiting from owning a VB system today!

Looking for a Bargain?

VB has available previously owned systems that have been completely refurbished at our facility and are sold with our normal warranty and technical support. Purchasing systems on the used market can be risky. Call your VB consultant for further information.

Want to Learn How to Get Into School Photography?

Attend Chris Wunder’s Boot Camp

The five day boot camp will be held in Las Vegas June 25 – 29, 2012. To learn more and register, visit the Boot Camp website. School photography is one area of photography that is still going strong and today’s technology and suppliers can help you jump in and be successful.

Even though Christmas is Still a Ways Away, it’s Time to Start Thinking about Santa!

Now, before it is too late for another year, take a serious look at how you can profit from offering quality photographs with Santa Claus. There is a market for great quality work that is distinctively different from what parents can get at the mall or the big box stores or anything they can take with their own camera. For Trevon Baker, his Thanksgiving weekend Santa special is one of his most successful promotions for the year.

Are you missing out?  The opportunity is out there.

You Can’t Join Them;

You Must Beat Them!

To beat them, you must be clearly unique! 

VB can help make your work really special.

Coming in the June issue of The Backgrounder:

Featured Photographer Thomas Cooke and his Unique Gallery of Images Captured with his VB System

While Seeing is Believing – Trying is Even Better!

Many professional photographers have heard of Virtual Backgrounds. There are those who are big fans while others remain skeptical. During these difficult times for photographers, it may very well be that the skeptics can’t bring themselves to believe that VB can be such a powerful tool as we and our users claim it is. Even after they have seen countless samples and read testimonials from dedicated VB users, they have yet to see the light.

Whether you are a skeptic or even mildly curious, there is only one sure way to find out whether or not VB is right for you. Attend a Virtual Backgrounds Learn and Earn Workshop and find out, once and for all. You will see; you will learn; and most of all, you will receive valuable incontrovertible hands-on experience.  You will leave with a ton of ideas on how you can customize your use of VB to help you stand out and above all others. We guarantee it! VB workshops bring photographers from all parts of the world to San Marcos, Texas for this unique learning experience that opens the door to unlimited opportunity.

VB workshops are led by Montana master photographer, Trevon Baker. Trevon and the VB team will show you how you can be distinctively different. You will discover how VB will expand your creativity and increase your on-the-job fun! There is still time to register for the July workshop. Contact a friendly VB consultant to register!

My Virtual Backgrounds Workshop Experience

April 2012

By Robert Quinn

A few years ago, I stumbled into the VB booth at WPPI.  I was incredibly impressed with what they were doing, but it was the end of the show and I didn’t have time to really get to know the product.  Part of me wrote it off as a smoke and mirrors gadget.  As I started to research background cost and feasibility, I kept going back to VB.  I really wanted to see it firsthand before taking the plunge.

In January 2012, I started communicating with Christian Feigl at VB trying to learn as much as I could about the system. I spent many hours watching Trevon Baker and VB’s videos, and I really became interested in the product.  I really needed to see VB in person. The folks at VB didn’t pressure me; instead, they laid out my options and some of the benefits of coming, so I said, “San Marcos, Texas - here I come!”

My first impression was very positive.  From driving up and parking next to the infamous train cars to walking into the education studio that looked just like I had seen on the videos but so much more. VB artwork was everywhere and you could not help but be impressed with the quality and magnitude of this work. Trevon immediately introduced himself and I instantly became comfortable with the environment.

The thing that was most impressive was the learning that we jumped right into. We were learning about photography, lighting, ratios, composition, and posing. Wait a minute, I came down here to learn about Virtual Backgrounds. Well, I learned a lot more over the course of the next three days. We had about 12 of us in class with such wide-ranging backgrounds from professional photographers with studios to a high school student looking to break into the business. Not one of us was alike, but we quickly became friends, learning from and with each other.

Trevon’s class was great. He has an uncanny ability to teach multiple skill levels at the same time. These days went by so fast because we were always learning and always engaged. Virtual Backgrounds should consider itself fortunate to have Trevon working with them as he is really good at teaching the workshop. This was everything Christian, Trevon, and Dr. Oles promised and more.

The greatest part was the hands on with our models. We were making Virtual Backgrounds images. Us! No super photographer who uses this system all the time but the 12 of us were capturing the images. It was truly then that I figured out that this is a system I can work with.

The small details at the workshop were also impressive.  Lunches as a class in the railroad dining car were as important to the learning as any time spent in class. The atmosphere, the communication,  and things we learned about each other were priceless. There were also voluntary workshop hours after class each day for even more individual attention!

After listening to Dr. Oles’ presentations each morning, I believe he is truly in touch with the photography profession and has extensive knowledge about photography in general.  

Final impression:  When I left the workshop on Wednesday, I had a quote in my hand and I am making final preparations as we speak to order my system. I’m not making this decision because I was given a sales pitch.  I am purchasing a VB system because I was allowed to use and learn the product.

I left feeling like a friend of VB, not a customer.  I have no doubt in my mind when I do get this system, VB will be right there with me to make sure I get the most out of it.  If you are on the fence about the system or coming to the workshop, all I can say is I was in your shoes too!  I encourage you to attend the workshop and see for yourself.

Whether or not you own a system, are thinking about a one, or are just trying to become a better photographer, it is an experience you will never forget!

Robert Quinn is a 43 year old Indiana freelance photographer with 10 years of experience. He is a paramedic and retired volunteer firefighter looking to go full time as a professional photographer. By getting into VB, Robb will automatically separate himself from all other photographers in the area!  Robb, we at VB look forward to our continued friendship!

You Can Thrive in Spite of the Storm - Here’s How 

Fact of Life #1 

Strive in every way to be clearly different and above all others. The more special you are, the more they will come.

It is possible to be really successful in photography but only if you fully understand and apply Facts of Life #1 for professional photographers. You must separate everything you do as much as possible from the one million who now consider themselves to be professional. Even more important, you must clearly separate yourself from the 340 million DIY photographers in America today…just about every man woman and child with a digital camera.

Producing work that can also be done by any other photographer and even by your potential customers, is not the answer. even if your shots are better. Most people today think their own work is “good enough”. The key is creating product that will “wow” your customers but also be product they cannot get anywhere else or by using their own digital camera. VB is that key.

It all boils down to being distinctively different in desirable ways. There is so much more to professional photography than the natural look. Every camera owner can catch the natural look. Virtual Backgrounds can play an extremely important role in helping the professional photographer produce a much wider range of creative images that the consumer can’t produce.

Great News! People Still Want to Look Their Best in Pictures!

Who really wants to look bad in their photographs? There is a world of difference in a typical face book snap shot and a professional portrait. Regardless of what they may say, if they have a choice, people of any age don’t want to look dorky in their photographs. They want to be special. They want to have images that complement their features.

Show your customers that when they want to look really special, they need to visit a professional photographer where they can get the greatest variety and look their very best. As a special added bonus for your customers, consider working with a hair and makeup specialist either on site or on a recommendation basis to help insure a totally unforgettable experience for your customer. This is one of the main features of most yourlook studios. It is their glamour division. The beauty of glamour photography is that most photographers and the amateurs can’t do it very well at all. The same is true for boudoir photography.

Find Great Backgrounds at Dollar Tree!


VB President, Henry Oles, shows Dollar Tree serving trays costing only $1 each. Each tray can be cut up and converted into an infinite variety of abstract backgrounds.

Stop in a local Dollar Tree store and take a look at the plastic napkin holder and several of the plastic serving plates. Then imagine the infinite variety you could create with your VB system if you cut these things into pieces and place them in your VB projector, in or out of focus and with color gels. You can even stack several plastic pieces together. The possibilities are absolutely infinite. They are cool, complementary, unique, and exciting!  They cost almost nothing. A $1 serving plate could create infinite background variety.

Disclaimer:  The Dollar Tree idea works only if you have a VB system. If you don’t have a VB system, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars for backgrounds that won’t even begin to compare.

Just a few examples of backgrounds created for practically nothing using pieces of plastic and even bubble wrap combined with color gels in a VB projector. Each background can be varied in an infinite number of ways by adjusting focus, size, intensity, and color. With VB, the photographer is in complete control and can create custom backgrounds for every customer.

What Would it Take to Convince You that VB can be an Investment that Quickly Pays for Itself? 

We can show you hundreds of sample images. You can talk with a current system user. You can read dozens of testimonials. You can attend a Learn and Earn workshop and both learn all about a VB system and test drive it yourself.

VB is by far the most powerful addition you can make to your business. Find out how it can work for you.. The facts are not disputable. If you can think of another photographic tool that has more power to enhance your photography and your marketing and your bottom line profits, tell us about it!

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