Joseph Pellingra-Rochester, New York

Discovers the Scene Machine by Accident

Joseph Pellingra of Rochester, New York wasn’t looking for a Scene Machine when he visited Pixel Magic in San Marcos, Texas two years ago. He did not know that Pixel Magic was a company founded by Henry Oles, creator of the Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system. Joe saw the name Virtual Backgrounds on a door in the same building occupied by Pixel Magic, and just out of curiosity he entered the main doors of VB to see what it was all about.

Joe was instantly intrigued by the 16×20 and 30×40 prints that he saw on the walls. Years ago, Joe saw some portraits created by world famous photographers Joseph and Louise Simone, but he did not know how they created their backgrounds. In moments, he connected the dots and became instantly sold on the Virtual Backgrounds concept. Last September, Joe Pellingra started using a Scene Machine in his studio and his business hasn’t been the same since.

Joe has a long history in professional photography. He was with Kodak for 25 years starting out as a color printer and later got involved in commercial, industrial and portrait photography. Ten years ago he left Kodak to start his own studio with his wife, Sharon and partner Carl Marchetto.

Joseph Pellingra Photography is one of the most advanced and respected studios in the Rochester area and has always been a leader in adopting the latest technology. He was one of the first photographers in the area to use digital. Although his studio keeps him quite busy, Joe still works for Kodak as an independent contractor. His studio is in his home, but he is also starting a commercial studio at Carestream, a Rochester corporation. Sharon, a graphic designer by trait, and Joe, the technical expert, form a perfect team for a successful studio business.

“It’s been a riot since I got the Scene Machine. It has changed the way I do photography. I use the Scene Machine for about 40% of my high school senior shots and for nearly 100% of my family work. I also use it for my bridal formals. I have two 30 x 40 bridal formals created with the Scene Machine hanging on my wall in the reception room.”

Joe is more than anxious to share his information about the Scene Machine with anyone. “I tell every photographer in the city about the Scene Machine. Too many people want to keep the Scene Machine as their personal secret. I feel different. The more people who have them, the more we can all learn together, and the faster we will all grow. I learn something new every day.”

Joseph Pellingra’s photographs shown here as well as those on his website clearly tell the story. The Scene Machine is very much a part of what he does.

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