Richard Sturdevant's First Images!

When Garland, Texas photographer Richard Sturdevant gets an idea in his head, he typically dives in full force.  This is exactly what he did with the Scene Machine virtual background system.  He thought about getting a system for more than a year but once he decided to do it.  That was it.  He wanted it now!  He picked up his new system in San Marcos on a recent Wednesday because he needed it for a job on Saturday.  He got some basic instruction and took off.  We warned him about jumping in so fast to use it with real customers but he ignored the warnings.  On Sunday, he sent us his very first images along with the statement “This is the most exciting product I have ever used in professional photography….I can’t wait to get time to work with it some more.  My client loved the results…everyone I show these images to just flip over it.  I used that system just straight out of the box!”

Richard Sturdevant is not an ordinary photographer.  With a lot of natural talent in art and experience in graphic design and as the graphic design industry changed and he discovered he could do so much so quickly with a camera, Richard made the switch from a career in graphic design to photography.

Sturdevant has burst on to the pro photographic arena with a vengeance.  His prints often score in the 90s and he is typically in the fight for special awards.  He recently won first place with Fuji for the Best Illustrative Photograph.   He has only been in professional photography for 10 years and until recently, did not even enter prints into competition.

Richard chose to get into using the Scene Machine Virtual Backgrounds system to enable him to extend his creative horizons even further.  Based on these very first images, he is off to a great start.  Remember his name.  You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from Richard Sturdevant.

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