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Make total background control work for you!

The background is the most overlooked dimension in studio photography. It is the background that helps to make the statement in a portrait. It is the background that can complement the subject and create a more innovative product. Discover the power of the background and get the edge on the competition. Separate yourself from the amateurs and low level professionals. Put new life and excitement in your photography and get paid for it. Work smarter but not necessarily harder. Dazzle your clients with totally new and exciting ideas. Use Virtual Backgrounds in nearly any environment and with most any type of lighting. Assume total control of the background, the lighting, the posing and the expression. Any amateur can do snaps in the park. Provide your clients with ultimate variety and generate more profit.

Digital Systems Now Available!

Virtual Backgrounds has introduced the first all digital virtual background projector for professional photographers and videographers.  It is now possible for the photographer to capture infinite background variety using their digital camera, iPad or smart phone and immediately project the background on to a special ultra reflective screen positioned behind the subject.  Unlike green screen, there are no restrictions on the colors the subjects can wear.  The operator sees the image live in the camera, subject and background, and therefore there is no post processing.  Finished images can be shown immediately including live!

With this system, anything can become a background, often at zero cost with zero storage other than on a digital file.  Backgrounds can be changed in seconds and instantly manipulated in relative size, color, focus, brightness, contrast and more.  It is possible to add text to images or create Power Point backgrounds.  The process is limited only by the photographer’s imagination.

The virtual projected background process works equally as well with still digital cameras as it does with video cameras.  It is possible to produce “video on video”.  The operator can project a moving background, live or prerecorded, to project behind a subject.  The process is ideal for creating backgrounds for video conferencing, webinars, etc.


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