Virtual Backgrounds


Integrating Virtual Backgrounds into our work enabled us to expand our creativity to a world of limitless possibilities. All you need is a little imagination and you will create images beyond any expectation.

Joseph and Louise Simone
Montreal, Quebec Canada


Seniors sit one after the other thanks to my good friends at Virtual...Life is sweet with my Scene Machine...I would never consider doing my work without it.

Sherry Hammon
Vienna, Virginia


Virtual Backgrounds has challenged my creativity and built my photographic reputation. Over 90% of my business is done with projected backgrounds.

Rick Harding
San Antonio, Texas


Virtual Backgrounds mean unlimited versatility...unique and exciting ways to enhance your images ten fold.

Tery Deglau
Tampa, Florida


I have been a photographer for over 25 years and haven't enjoyed using anything as much as I have my Scene Machine.

Julie Park
West Jordan, Utah



Dear Dr. Oles


I am now a retired photographer and wanted to express my admiration for the Virtual Background Projector.


Mostly, it was used in taking senior portraits.  The virtual background system was the single most effective tool I had for building a successful senior business.  It was in large part responsible for my success.


With the projector, I was able to utilize the very effective backgrounds purchased form your company, or was able to make backgrounds of familiar landmarks, school buildings, outdoor settings, etc.  This gave me more to offer seniors than any other photographer in the area.


Your Scene Machine was the best, most useful equipment purchase I  made in my 21 years in business.  It was nto only great for seniors, but also for children and families.  I highly recommend it to any photographer who is interested in expanding his or her business.




Garvin Cox


“I have to say that I’m thrilled that there are many photographers who are not interested in Scene Machine.  Not for your sake…but for my own.  This is my own little secret gem and I am more than happy to hog it all to myself.  While there are a few drawbacks to using VB, as there are with anything, I have come to accept them while also being able to fully “fix” them with a little Photoshop.  My clients love it.  My only concern is that you guys stay in business (which I have no doubt that you will do that) so I can get support and any needed repairs/updates in the future.


I first came into contact with the Scene Machine way back in 1987.  A man from Texas City had one and I thought it was pretty cool but being a newspaper photographer, it really didn’t “register” with me.  Then I attended the PPA convention in New Orleans a few years back and I saw your display and was blown away by what it could do.  The price however was too high for me since I was just getting started.  Then, about a month before I purchased the system, a local lady opened up a home studio in her garage and sucked all of my senior business from me (because she was well known and her daughter was a senior).  That is when I decided to make the purchase of a virtual backgrounds system and it definitely helped.   She has tried to put down the virtual background system on her blog, as if trying to discredit the concept to her potential clients.  I laughed my butt off over that one.”


Name withheld by request





Image by Joseph and Louise Simone


Image by Rick Harding

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