For over 10 years Henry Oles wrote for
Professional Photographer Magazine

in a column entitled "Your Bottom Line."

Below are many of the articles from that column.

Each link is a PDF file. Feel free to print them out!

Ten Years of "Your Bottom Line" - An Introduction

Alternative to Independence

Anatomy of a Studio Startup

Are You a Dinosaur?

Are You Making Any Money?

Art and Science of Hiring

Backgrounds Invade the Foreground

Bait and Switch

Be Alert to Options

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Become Friends with Your Banker

Beware of False Prophets

Beware of Plastic that Bites

Beware of Small Corners

Capitalize Your Assets

Capitalizing on Alternative Opportunities

Cents Plus Cents Equals Dollars

Competition can be Healthy

Copyright Boomerang

Cost Effective Studio Promotion

Covering the Bases

Creative Compensation

Credit-Who Needs It?

Crocodiles in the Grass

Cutting the Cord

Dare to be Different

Demise of the Mom and Pop Studio

Digital Imaging Explosion

Do You Keep Missing the Boat?

Drugs in the Workplace

Evaluating Employees-Is it Time to Hire?

Fighting Progress Can be Self-Defeating

Find a Nice Niche

Finding Lucrative Alternatives

Finding the Competition's Soft Spot

Future Shock

Get Involved

Getting the Most Out of a Tradeshow

Giving Photography Away

Going the Extra Mile

Got a Better Idea? - Market It

Here Today-Back Tomorrow

He's Good But His Portraits are So Expensive

High  Tech Studios Aren't for Everyone

How Much is Too Much

How Much Rent Should You Pay?

How Pros Can Keep the Leading Edge

How to Make New Year's Resolutions Work

Identify Employee Problems Before You Hire

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

If You Can't Walk, Use a Wheelchair

Indiana Pro Doubles Bottom Line with One Hour Photo Lab
Investing in the Future

Investment or Expense

Is Mind-Set Inevitable

Is There a Hand in the Till?

Keep Your Distance

Learned Helplessness

Life Holds No Guarantees

Licensing Pros and Cons

Location Photography Bolsters Profits

Look Mom-No Photographer


Members Make the Association

Mom and Pop Studios Revisited

Murphy's Law

Overcoming Fear

Penny-Wise or Dollar-Foolish

Performance Evaluation

Photo Artist or Business Expert

Photographic Conventions-Your Passport to the Future

Photokina-A Crystal Ball

Photo Trade Shows-What's There for Me?

Plastic Card Means Real Business

Practice What You Preach

Professional Organization of Private Social Club

Promotion is a Perpetual Process

Purchasing Equipment Intelligently

Quick Service Photography

Recognize Profit Opportunities

School Events Video Productions

Service with a Smile

Sexual Harassment Threatens Everyone

Shortcut to Success

Show Your Competition and Learn

Some Thoughts on Setting Portrait Prices

Strategic Operations

Stuff Versus Fluff

Success in Tough Times

Target an Untapped Market

Target Lifestyles


To Lease or Not To Lease

Too Many Seminars

Trash or Treasure

Two Powerful Words

Whatever Happened to Mistys?

What's in a Name?

Wheels of Progress Keep Turning

Where is Bucky Beaver Now?

Will the Real Boss Please Stand Up

Would You Buy from You?

Your Best Natural Resource

Your Public Image